Wednesday, May 11, 2016

From the Studio Classes, 2016 Annual Student Show

The Art School at Old Church is presenting From The Studio Classes, an annual salon-style exhibition of artworks by members of the Art School's student body. The show is on view through June 20, 2015. This highly anticipated exhibition fills the galleries to capacity with a vibrant installation of over 200 works of art, shown in the school's Mikhail Zakin and CafĂ© galleries.

This celebrated event occurs each spring with an impressive exhibition of work notable for its sophistication as well as skillful technique. The school is a community of artists, some beginner and intermediate students, and many others who are quite advanced and clearly come to class as much for the company of others similarly engaged as for the very fine instruction and discussion to be found in classes in the fine arts and craft. The presence and generosity of these artist-students enriches the conversation for everyone and the annual student show is a witness to that.

Each student is permitted to exhibit two pieces and the school’s gallery walls are almost overfilled with exciting new work. Much of it is for sale and this is a great opportunity to find something that you will surely treasure, whether jewelry, lamp worked necklaces, a crocheted jacket or vest, a great variety of bowls, a tea set, ceramic sculpture, mixed media, collage, assemblage, oils, acrylics, watercolors, prints and encaustics, along with a many striking and unusual photographs.

Regardless of medium, the range of work represented includes the traditional along with many intriguing investigations into abstraction. You will find realistic imagery and sculpture next to abstract figures, animal sculptures that charm and surprise, mixed media with parts that extend into real space, spirited abstractions next to exquisitely detailed watercolor landscapes, beautiful and dynamic charcoal figure studies next to photographs that intrigue with their unexpected focus and mood, and so much more. The gallery is wheelchair accessible and light refreshments will be served. The show remains on view until June 20, 2015 during school hours. You will find many opportunities for excellent discussion, connection, and, of course, purchase. All are welcome!

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