Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Duets: Karen Snyder-Kadish and Seung Lan Whang

Karen Snyder-Kadish
Large Dragonfly Mug
The Café Gallery at the Art School at Old Church is pleased to present Duets: Karen Snyder-Kadish & Sueng Lan Whang. This is an exhibition of local artists displaying their most recent work in painting and pottery. Both Karen and Seung are members of the Art School at Old Church community and have come together for a show highlighting their progress as students and artists. Duets: Karen Snyder-Kadish and Seung Lan Whang will be on view in the Café Gallery through April 12th.
Karen Snyder-Kadish
Pat the Bunny

Karen Snyder-Kadish (NORWOODNJ) is a full time artist specializing in pottery. Snyder-Kadish studied painting and ceramics at the California College of Arts and Craft, Parsons and the Art School at Old Church. Much of her works are functional pieces full of whimsy and color. Her work is influenced by her love of nature and animals. She is currently teaching art classes to survivors of domestic violence at The Center For Hope and Safety. Karen is also the proud owner of Pit Bull Pottery, where proceeds from her sales are donated to animal rescue facilities. Her work has been shown at the Rockland Center for The Arts, The Art School at Old Church and the Norwood Public Library.

Seung Lan Whang
Seung Lan Whang
Fisherman's House
Seung Lan Whang (CLIFFSIDE PARKNJ) is an amateur artist from Korea. Whang has always had a strong interest in art making but has only been able to receive training in the last few years to develop her talent. She has been a member at the Art School at Old Church for five years. The work displayed in the exhibit is a series of painting that have been made in class under the teaching of Ursula Schneider. Seung’s paintings express harmony by simplifying the forms of the subject matters as well as the color combinations.

Duets: Karen Snyder-Kadish and Seung Lan Whang will be on view from March 23 to April 12 in the Café Gallery at the Art School at Old Church

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