Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Cafe Gallery: Chinese Brush Painting, Students of Jane Chang

The Art School at Old Church in Demarest, NJ is pleased to present an exhibition of student work in the Café Gallery, on view through May 9th 2014. Chinese Brush Painting: Students of Jane Chang is a group exhibition of Chinese brush paintings. Participating students have one semester of experience while others have studied this art for six years or more.  

Barbara Landberg, Blue Abstract , 2014
In this class, students are taught every aspect of Chinese brush painting from the techniques of smooth brush strokes and delicate movements to the history of this thousand year old tradition. While beginners start with brushwork in flowers, birds, and other animals, intermediate and advanced students explore their craft with landscape and abstraction. Capturing both the imagery and color is an important part of Chinese brush painting; learning the spirit and rhythm of the subject matter as well as finding your Chi is equally important. Artist Gisela Zerykier has been a student of Ms. Chang’s for six years and says that learning how to use the inks with their gradations of color and intensities was an important skill to master.  Beginner Maryanne Nealon has not taken a painting class before and says she enjoyed learning how to use the various unique brushes.
Gisela Zerykier, Water Horses, 2013

The artists in this exhibition include Amy Dudash Robinson,
Marge Kirschenbaum, Barbara Landberg, Maryanne Nealon,
Barbara Potack, Robin Robinson, Toni Semar, 
Sam Visvikis, and Gisela Zerykier. 

Chinese Brush Painting: Students of Jane Chang
is on view through May 9th, 2014 Stop by the Cafe Gallery
to check it out!

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